February 12, 2008

Crazy Little Ring Called Love

Green_love_ring It's dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your allowance! Personally, we're holding out for the white spandex catsuit collection, but until that day comes, we'll settle for these baubles commemorating Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.  Press release highlights:

LOVE – Made in Heaven: The Freddie Mercury Collection from acclaimed jewelry designer Udi Behr was introduced today by Love and Pride, the online jewelry destination for people who believe in diversity, equality and tolerance.

“Freddie Mercury was a man of extremes,” said Udi Behr, Chief Designer for Love and Pride.  “As Freddie said, ‘I have this hard, macho shell, which I project on stage, but there's a much softer side too, which melts like butter.’  The buttered side of Freddie was all about love...”

Each piece in LOVE – Made in Heaven: The Freddie Mercury Collection is emblazoned with the word LOVE, with the letter “O” executed in a stunning, patented double trillion (triangle) with diamonds or semi-precious stones.  All pieces feature the exclusive “Made in Heaven” signature – a tribute to one of Freddie’s most memorable solo tracks which later became the title of Queen’s posthumous album with Freddie, released in 1995. The collection is available exclusively at www.loveandpride.com, and will range in price from $200 to $20,000.

February 04, 2008

Tivoing Timberlake

When you really think about it, life holds so few pure pleasures. Chief among ours? The satisfying sight of Justin Timberlake getting “groined” by a wooden mailbox stand. Repeatedly. Backwards, and in fast-forward mode. Also, frame by frame.

On TiVo’s list of the most-eyeballed Super Bowl spots, Pepsi’s Timberlake commercial ranked No. 2, second only to E*Trade’s talking-n-puking baby effort. Our theory is that the pop ad might have scored so well because it was equally “adored” by JTim lovers and haters, who were both so kind as to rewind.

While many entities rank Super Bowl ads by asking people which ones they preferred, TiVo compiles its list through audience-measurement data, which reveals exactly what subscribers are watching (and rewatching) in “play” speed. “This isn’t a poll or survey saying, ‘Tell us which one you liked best’—it’s derived from which ads people watched most,” said Todd Juenger, vp/general manager, TiVo Audience Research and Measurement. Confirming what many already believe, ads are the main attraction. The aggregated data avows that popular spots often score a 25% higher rating than any moment of the football game.

In Pepsi’s ad, Timberlake is chilling with friends in a cafe when he’s violently flung out the window and through the streets courtesy of some mystery magnetic force. The “Sexy Back” singer slams into walls, car doors and other debris along his journey to a suburban yard. Once there, we learn that a young woman is “pulling” him through the power of Pepsi as she sucks—yes, that’s usually Timberlake’s job, but stay with us—on her soda through a straw. “Every sip gets you closer to Justin Timberlake mp3s!” and other booty thanks to Pepsistuff.com, the VO goes. 

“I’m sure there are throngs of adoring teenage girls who want to see it again and again,” Juenger said. “And I bet others really like to watch him get beat up.”

TiVo’s Top Ten-Rated Super Bowl 2008 Commercials
1. E*Trade: “Baby” (spitting up)
2. Pepsi Co: “Justin Timberlake
3. Doritos: “Mouse Trap” (user-generated)
4. Coca-Cola: “James Carville and Bill Frist”
5. Ice Breakers: “Carmen Electra”
6. Bridgestone: “Headlights”
7. Bud Light: “Cavemen”
8. Vitamin Water: “Horse Race”
9. Cars.com Plan B: “Witch Doctor”
10. Life Water: “Thriller”

January 30, 2008

Banana Power!

From the print edition of BW...

We've heard of passion fruit, but never passion for fruit—to this degree, at least: "The long, edible fruit from the herbaceous plant . . . is a meal in a peel," swears Ken "Banana Man" Bannister, whose yellow jumpsuit zips down the front to create the illusion he's being peeled. "Everyone should eat a finger in the morning and in the evening."


The Banana Museum in Hesperia, Calif., houses a 17,000 tchotchke tribute to the fruit. Everything from the Velvet Underground & Nico LP cover designed by Andy Warhol to a gold sequined "Michael Jackson banana" crafted by "some little old lady in Pasadena." There are banana-books, banana golf clubs, banana clip guns and a 78-rpm record of "Yes, We Have No Bananas." TV icons the Banana Splits and Bananas in Pajamas? Check. A one-of-a-kind banana lamp is valued at $12,000. Then there's the "petrified banana" donated by a woman at one of Bannister's banana-related events.

"Hey Banana Man, I got a banana for you!" she yelled. "I found it in my closet and it's hard as a rock." The specimen is on display, and while it hasn't been carbon-dated, it was estimated at 2-3 years old at the time of donation. Bannister runs the museum with "Top Banana" Glen Speer.

The rec & parks dept. sponsors, but the Banana Museum has no fruity partners. Bannister appealed to Chiquita, but was turned down since the museum showcases all banana brands equally. After he met with Dole, "They copied my idea and brought out their own Bobby Banana."

Has he ever seen anyone slip on a banana peel? "No," and he does not regret it. "I don't like to see people get hurt," he said. [Ed: We have, and are aware that we'll go to hell for laughing at the spectacle.] While listing the benefits of bananas, such as potassium, Bannister doesn't mention mental telepathy, but he eerily anticipates our next question.

"There's nothing lewd or lascivious displayed at my museum," he said.

January 30, 2008

Pickle Power!



January 28, 2008

A Cuffs Link

Oh, the things you find in the Valentine’s Day section of the local Rite Aid while waiting for a prescription refill... Burning questions:
* When did Rite-Aid break into the “naughty” novelties business?


* And when, exactly, did bondage become all the rage among the preschooler set?


January 25, 2008

Things To Do This Weekend...

1. Glue my enemy's cheeks together.



January 24, 2008

Great Moments in Press Releasery


Kudos for Thompson from Everyone Loves Buttons

“We were proud to represent his team and manage the Online store. We want to thank Fred and Jeri Thompson and Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc. for giving a woman-owned business the opportunity to become the official licensee for the Campaign,” said President Maura L. Statman, ELBusa Creations

Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc. (ELBusa) praised Fred Thompson the actor and former senator from Tennessee, who withdrew his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.  In a statement issued from Florida, Thompson said, “I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our efforts.”

“We were proud to represent his team and manage the Online store. We want to thank Fred and Jeri Thompson and Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc. for giving a woman-owned business the opportunity to become the official licensee for the Campaign,” said President Maura L. Statman, ELBusa Creations, Phoenix, Arizona. I know that Fred will be successful at whatever he chooses to do next He has impacted all of us and I know firsthand how much his supporters will miss him.”

Thompson’s Campaign had teamed up with ELBusa, a nationally certified woman-owned corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona and the only women’s business enterprise (WBE) to participate in the GOP Presidential Campaign.  ELBusa specializes in custom pin-back buttons, magnets, vinyl banners, stickers and other promotional products.

ELBusa developed, owns and manages ww.OfficialFred08Store.com which will remain open. One can still purchase Campaign memorabilia as well as two new bumper sticker designs.

About Everyone Loves Buttons Inc.
Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc., dba ELBusa Creations is a nationally certified Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE) located in Phoenix, Arizona and one of the nation's largest promotional button manufacturers.

Becky Ebenkamp
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January 18, 2008


With air-traffic delays growing ever more prevalent, one company is marketing an idea that will probably take off (no pun intended) in a big way. The “Mini-Motel” is described as an “affordable, portable sleeping tent perfect for the busy 21st century.” The device can be seen at MiniMotel.net, but it’s basically a one-person tent-like device with an air mattress, pillow, sheet, alarm clock, reading light, toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs and eyeshades. Best of all, it goes for a mere $39.95 (with discounts for larger orders). The idea is you set it up when you’ll be stuck for a bit, so you can get some sleep in privacy. Airlines would be wise to stock these for the next strike or storm. Orders of 1,000 or more can be imprinted with your own logo.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs created a huge buzz earlier this week when he unveiled the new MacBook Air notebook computer at the MacWorld Expo. Besides its light weight, the unit is only about three-quarters of an inch thick, and Jobs, ever the showman, pulled it out of a standard yellow manila business envelope with a red-string tie at the top. Sensing an opportunity, two entrepreneurs have created a new “AirMail” sleeve especially for the unit. It’s made out of upholstery grade vinyl and lined with fleece. Selling for a reasonable $29.95, it’ll ship when the new Mac does, in about two weeks. See it firsthand (and mutter about not thinking it up yourself) at Manila Mac.com.


Ever do yoga? It’s not so easy to hold a pose with your feet all sweaty. That’s what prompted the makers of Yoga Stick-e Socks to create their product. It’s a pair of socks with holes cut out for your toes, so you feel like you can grip the floor, but also with a “sticky” bottom so you can better hold that pose for the required time. Pictures and details are at Yoga StickySocks.com. At $19.95 the pair, enthusiasts may well cheer this new addition to the studio. Now if they can just invent something to protect against those newbies who inadvertently pass gas during a workout. Ew.

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