November 01, 2006


Sven Bergstrom

Absolutely, Yes, Americans are lazy. Of course, because we're all unique individuals, I don't believe that every American is lazy but clearly most of us are.

As evidence I point to the large numbers of shoppers who leave their shopping carts in parking lots after they've loaded their cars with groceries. How much effort does it take to get that cart back to an appropriate holding area anyway?

Then there are also lazy people who drive up along side their street side mailbox to retrieve mail. How about parking the car in your driveway, and taking a short walk to the mailbox to retrieve the mail?

Laziness begets obesity. Obesity, in turn, begets laziness.

I believe that corporate America is largely to blame for the obesity problem. We Americans work nearly nine weeks more per years than our European peers. Additionally, there are no laws to protect our vacation time or govern how much compulsory overtime an employer can impose. This fact has resulted in the manipulation of American workers by their employers.

We're stretched so far that we have almost no energy and time to get involved in activities that would keep us moving. No time to make plans, volunteer, or meet new friends.

Leaders of a major US/Canadian initiative called "Take Back Your Time" (timeday.org) are working hard to increase our vacation time and impose a limit on the amount of compulsory overtime that an employer can impose.

Please visit their web site to get the facts and join the fight to Take Back Your Time (timeday.org)

Thomas Bailey

Since the Highway Act, our cities became less conducive to walking and biking. We have inadequate biking and walking facilities due to poor planning, as though the planners were assuming that everyone drives. I have never had a car, and do not plan to get one. For the past 19 years, I bike. Due to housing costs, people are moving to places that are a considerable distance from work, where housing is less expensive at the expense of longer commutes.


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