July 16, 2007



Dude, shoes are to women what power tools are to men. Need I say more?

Terry Akins

The Well Heeled Society brings attention to:

It's all about shoes parties, a charity set up to help dress women getting off welfare and back to the work place.

Women Love shoes because:

No matter how much weight we gain, we can still find a pair of shoes that fit and look good on us.

Even the most "Bare All" shoe will not be considered overt or too revealing.

Women’s clothing styles change frequently so we need shoes to go with our ever-changing wardrobe.

To sponsor a party visit:


Susan Johnston

Well, shoes are to women what testosterone is to men. See a woman can gain weight and have to change jean sizes. She ages and has to wear more sleeve and/or longer skirts...But shoes! Aaahhh shoes. Shoes are loyal. Shoes we can always wear the same size. Shoes take us places. Shoes define who we are at that moment-sexy, athletic, professional, beach bound....

SHOE-even the word shoe is really just a beautiful SHE with an Oh! in the middle!

Linda Sherman

If you look at Felicia Coley's history you will see that The Well Heeled Society registry for single women was born from her popular shoe blog. She's done a great job executing a good idea. Kudos from us too!

Linda Sherman
Singelringen Agent for North America

Tasha Bovain

From a sexy stiletto to a sophisticated slingback, we have a secret weapon that invokes our feminine power. Shoes complement our ever-changing mood and grow old with us like a childhood best friend. Kudos to Felicia for her contribution to women and their love of shoes.

Tasha Bovain


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