July 31, 2007



Hey Short Takes,
I got a Google alert that you mentioned our product, the Perfect Petfeeder on the blog (thank you) and couldn't resist commenting. While the appliance can certainly be used when the pet owner is traveling, the product is intended as a means to maintain our pets on a consistent diet at an ideal weight. That's very hard to do for most busy people. It does NOT take the place of time and affection, but it does take a lot of the stress out of your relationship with your pet.

We would also encourage our customers to pay the neighbor kid, or have someone spend time with their pet while travelling. Heck, I was "that neighbor kid". Anyway, if anyone has any questions we can be emailed through the site, www.perfectpetfeeder.com


Pillar Pet Products
Service Team


It's a smart looking product. You should be shipping this to the UK.

Rory at Short Takes

Hey Allen: Thanks for responding. I'm sure it's a great product, but as frequent readers know, I have a soft spot for animals. A while back, my wife had a dog-walking business. She loved the animals; the owners, not so much. She was appalled at how poorly some people treated their pets, so I'm always on the watch. Hope you get some hits from the Short Takes crowd. They're good folks. --Rory / Brandweek

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