August 30, 2007



I have no idea how I found this article but, I have camo artwork in my office:)

But my office is in a forest, so it really works out here in Oregon:)

I think it's going to be the next hottest thing... designer camo. This guy is on to someting:)

Rory J. Thompson

Good for you! I like folks who can appreciate something and just Go For It, despite the naysayers. I was taken by "Camo's" press release because he understands it's not for everyone, but makes a good case for his product despite that.

Thanks for writin' in.



One of my friends has cammo bedding and cammo ceiling fan blade covers. I kid you not. She thought it would be "cute." In the hunting lodge, maybe. But at home, not so much.
I'm married to one of those habitual hunters. Thankfully we have no cammo decor. You can get couches and chairs covered in cammo. UGH! Go to Bass Pro Shop's online catalog and check it out. Then be amazed at the price. Fine Italian leather is cheaper!
Chevy and Ford sell aftermarket cammo overlays for the outside of their trucks.
Stop in a hunting store one day and count how many different cammo patterns are available. And hunters will buy even the slightest deviation from what they already have. (My credit card bill will prove it.)
Happy hunting!

Rory J. Thompson

Hey, it's a look. Not for me personally, but whatever floats yer boat.

Rory / Brandweek


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