October 23, 2007


Travis Miller

Timing, indeed, is everything. As co-author of the book you've just mentioned, and the Copperfield release and report, I feel I need to point out that the timing of this report and release was not coincidental...and certainly not accidental.

In fact, quite the contrary. David Copperfield was #19 on Google trends last Friday, which prompted the idea in the first place.

It goes back to the old Robert Collier principle: "Enter the Conversation Already Taking Place in the Minds of your Customers..."

We're not commenting one way or the other on Copperfield's legal situation. Instead, we're tying into the heightened search volume and media buzz surrounding his name.

In doing so, we've created a virtual marketing lesson for all to see.

Rory J. Thompson

Well done! I should have suspected as much. I'd be interested to know how many hits your book site gets as a result of your foresight. We could ALL learn something.


Rory / Brandweek

Jimmy Vee

Now two days after the release, we've seen about a 50% increase in our normal site traffic. We can't empirically credit that to the release, but it is worth mentioning.

Perhaps more interesting is that our offline newsletter subscription rate has 3x higher than normal over the past two days.

Perhaps an interesting discussion would be the potential negative effects companies could see as a result of tying into 'negative' news. Any comments on that?

In the past, we have tied into Howard Stern controversy ("What Howard Stern Knows About Marketing that Few Small Business Owners Will Ever Find Out") and American Idol buzz ("Watch American Idol or Go Out of Business"). Results have always been good...certainly far better than "Orlando-based marketing firm helps business owners....." Get my drift?

Jimmy Vee

Rory J. Thompson

Jimmy: Not to toot my own horn or anything (Ah; Who'm I kidding? Of COURSE I am!), your high hits may be partly attributable to the mention we gave you in "The Daily Insider" newsletter. We've got 35,000 regular readers who ALWAYS go visit the sites we mention. I'm just sayin'...

Rory / Brandweek

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