December 11, 2007



"It’s explained quite clearly by its name: American Made Toys Only.com. The proprietors carry only American and European toys in their inventory"
How is it clear that they sell European toys?

Rory J. Thompson

Sorry. Meant to point out that when you go to their WEB SITE, they mention the European connection. My bad.

Rory / Brandweek


Hi Scott,
I really enjoyed 'Did You Know?' and had no trouble with the global-alarmism. I'm concerned that you feel the need to downplay the global-alarmism and to make the presentation attractive. As an educator and administrator, I feel that far too often we sacrifice reality for a dose of whatever feels good, whatever makes everyone happy, or whatever looks visually appealing. Your initial project was on target. Why water it down...and for whom...and to what end? Hopefully you’re not ashamed of the good work you did, or that you’re feeling politically compelled to “make others happy” as we educators so often do.

"Karl and I are working with XPLANE to update the Did You Know? video because it seems to resonate with folks. We’re going to update some of the facts, reframe some of the slides, turn down some of the global alarmism, and turn up the visual attractiveness several notches."

What will be served by turning down some of the global alarmism? What will be served by making it visually appealing?

Look at the excerpt below from a recent CNN article:
“I'm not alone in the view that free-trade-at-all-costs has harmed American workers. Princeton University economist and former Federal Reserve Board vice chairman Alan S. Blinder has joined Nobel laureates Paul Samuelson and Joseph Stiglitz and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers as skeptics of the benefits the faith-based economists in this administration love to tout.

Blinder is now stating loudly that a new industrial revolution will put as many as 40 million American jobs at risk of being shipped out of the country in the next decade or two. Blinder has said, "Economists who insist that 'offshore outsourcing' is just a routine extension of international trade are overlooking how major a transformation it will likely bring -- and how significant the consequences could be. The governments and societies of the developed world must start preparing, and fast."

Scott, while this information itself may turn out to be totally inaccurate (who knows?), I don't think educators need to be sugar coating the impact of globalism. Not trying to sound rude here, but simply saying that we need to face the music rather than burying our heads in the sand. The potential of loosing 40 million jobs in a decade or two is nothing that needs to be “turned down” or made “visually appealing.”

Outsourcing is already happening rather quickly. It’s even happening within the field of education as students can now be tutored from abroad. This is nothing new:

I could continue giving example after example, but will stop here. Believe in what you say, “We need action on multiple fronts: schools, universities, policymakers, business people, local communities. But we can’t start moving without having some important conversations. So with that in mind…”

So with that in mind, important conversations can NOT happen unless educators begin dealing with reality – not appealing words and pretty pictures.

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