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February 04, 2008



That is my favorite! I love it at the end of the commercial when he gets attacked prizes from Pepsi Stuff!

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few people, went straight to a pedestrian Xiu Yun Temple, the day also on horseback, Lan said HAILAN : "This went Xiu Yun Temple, to say we should eat vegetarian there and then go home!

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In Pepsi’s ad, Timberlake is chilling with friends in a cafe when he’s violently flung out the window and through the streets courtesy of some mystery magnetic force. The “Sexy Back” singer slams into walls, car doors and other debris along his journey to a suburban yard. Once there, we learn that a young woman is “pulling” him through the power of Pepsi as she sucks—yes, that’s usually Timberlake’s job, but stay with us—on her soda through a straw. “Every sip gets you closer to Justin Timberlake mp3s!” and other booty thanks to Pepsistuff.com, the VO goes.

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1. E*Trade: “Baby” (spitting up)
2. Pepsi Co: “Justin Timberlake”
3. Doritos: “Mouse Trap” (user-generated)
4. Coca-Cola: “James Carville and Bill Frist”
5. Ice Breakers: “Carmen Electra”
6. Bridgestone: “Headlights”


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I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.

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